The GOB Network seeks to democratize commercial real estate via mentoring and deal-making by providing the resources to close investment properties and improve returns.

We are here to create, train, learn, mentor, find, fund, sponsor, and ultimately help you close your first deal and provide you with the support, structure, and resources needed to continue growing.


Whether you are a newbie or a veteran investor, we are all on equal footing and have equal access to the knowledge, mentorship, and resources available on the GOB Network Platform. We are here to help you succeed in commercial real estate investing.

real estate training
real estate training


We are eliminating traditional barriers to entry into commercial real estate investing by providing you with a platform full of resources where you only have to plug in by participating in our community and taking action.

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Jim is a founding partner at Jiroma Enterprises, where his valuable skills in business management, sales, marketing, finance, deal structure, and community development are being utilized to apply his lifelong interest in real estate investing in enhancing the value of his investors and his personal investments in multifamily commercial real estate.

Jim has held a professional license in real estate, licensed as an agent in the state of Florida’s Department of Professional Regulation, presided as President of Chesterfield HOA, held an insurance license and a Series 6 Securities License with the Department of Professional Regulation in Illinois and is currently a Managing Broker for the State of Indiana. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors, belongs to the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association, National Real Estate Investors Association, Northern Indiana Creative Investors Association, Chicago Creative Investors Association, Chicago Real Estate Investor Networking Group, as well as several other community and professional associations. His newest venture is The GOB Network of Apartment Investors, an open source, democratized all-inclusive platform for apartment investors to source deals, partners, capital. The platform also provides coaching, mentoring, teaching and access to partnerships as GP, KP, LP, JV and other creative deal structures.

Darryl Murphy

Darryl Murphy, Sr Managing Partner: Darryl has been investing since the early 1990’s. He owned property in Brooklyn, NY, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Darryl currently own 80 units in Vicksburg, MS, and land in Chester, Pennsylvania and he has gone full cycle on 104 units in Augusta, Ga. He is part of a team, that combined, owns over $90 million worth of apartments and over 6500 units. In 2016, he went to real estate school and received his real estate license in the state of New Jersey. After receiving his real estate license, he hung his license with Keller Williams. He started working with Keller Williams as a residential agent working directly with lenders to sell bank owned properties. After two years of residential, Darryl transitioned to KW Commercial, and he is currently a commercial Realtor that specializes in commercial multifamily investing.


Dion Huey

Dion Huey holds a Master of Science degree in Finance from Northeastern University and has a combined sixteen years of business and real estate experience in the U.S. and China. He founded Delta Bridge Capital, an Ohio-based multifamily real estate investment company, and he is the host of the “Multifamily Investor Situation Room Podcast.” He is currently a board member of The GOB Network, which is a non-profit commercial real estate investment platform that provides resources and education to new and experienced investors. Dion worked as a senior financial analyst and advisor for a real estate private equity group on a $1.5 billion acquisition in New York City.


Kishor (Kish) Rao has been in the technology space for over 25 years. Graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Math/Comp Sci degree as well as getting an MS in Software Engineering at Penn State. I dabbled in rental property investing in the early 2000s. But I didn’t get the “itch” until 2018. I bought two rental properties, was a private lender, and was an LP on a couple of syndications.

As a board member of the GOB Network, I’m looking to skyrocket my real estate career by becoming a GP and a thought leader in the space. I truly enjoy helping people grow and seeing them fulfill their dreams.

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