The Complete Guide to Real Estate Syndication

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Welcome to the GOB Network real estate syndication foundation self-study course.  If you are new and looking to learn all of the ins and outs of real estate syndication, this course is for you.  Our volunteer education team is diligently working to bring quality, relevant, and actionable content to help you eliminate any knowledge barriers you feel that are keeping you from achieving your real estate investment dreams.  Remember to frequently return to this course as we are constantly updating it with the latest resources, and new content.  As always, we welcome and encourage your constructive feedback.

This course is divided into the following modules:

  • Module 1: Syndication Basics
  • Module 2: Building a Team
  • Module 3: Market Selection
  • Module 4: Raising Capital
  • Module 5: Deal Sourcing
  • Module 6: Underwriting
  • Module 7: Purchase Offer and Negotiation Process
  • Module 8: Due Diligence and Closing

You are free to jump between modules and focus on the areas you would like to learn more about.  There is no need to study the course in the sequence in which it was designed; however, if you are completely new to real estate syndication, it may be beneficial to study sequentially.