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Real estate investment made ridiculously easy

Referrals from GOB Network get 50% off onboarding

Are you a syndicator who’s hustling to win investor confidence and raise capital quickly, effectively, and sustainably? 

Our all-in-one software suite is your ticket to close deals every time. 

From billions in capital raised over thousands of syndications, we empower deal sponsors to do more, better deals and delight their LPs again and again and again.


Send and receive funds at a click

No checks, no wires. Collect investor contributions and transfer money electronically—securely, effort- lessly, and from anywhere in the world.

Seamlessly manage investors

Publish offering documents and deal terms to investors for review, get subscription agreements signed, and fund investments while tracking engagement automatically.

Make a winning impression

Get eyeballs and gain confidence with institutional-grade reporting that makes investors swoon. The elegant, easy-to-use interface cuts friction and lets syndicators shine.

Big value for syndicators of all sizes

Start winning, right out of the gate. Our top-notch customer support gets you up and running in days, not weeks.

Stop burning money and start minting deals

Why pay 5x more for features you don’t need?

Manage payments for free, forever

Send and receive funds electronically at zero cost. No banking fees, no surprises.

Take a break, on Groundbreaker

Need to regroup? Pause your account for pennies on the dollar and we’ll keep the lights on for you.

Ready to impress your investors?

Referrals from GOB Network get 50% off onboarding.
Start benefiting from Groundbreaker today.

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