The GOB Network was formed in 2022 for the charitable and educational purposes of providing education on financial literacy and housing to individuals and families experiencing housing insecurities so they have the knowledge and stability to pursue their goals and create a better life. We are based in Arizona, but we conduct educational workshops throughout the country and operate online through educational videos and social media. We currently serve roughly 1200 members in 45 states, and we have sponsored actual business creations in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. We organize about 100 educational seminars per year with average attendance of 20 individuals.

Our goal is to expand our seminars and investments to all 50 states. We strive to elevate, encourage and empower individuals and families to become self-sufficient through financial literacy. By providing them with the tools and resources to elevate themselves, the GOB Network empowers individuals to become successful, and financially independent, and elevate their economic status. We use business ownership, specifically Real Estate, as a tool to educate and create generational wealth and passive income. We provide financial education via an online platform, individual mentoring, and through live events throughout the country.

Additionally, our work includes providing relief for low-income individuals and families by helping them acquire decent, safe and affordable housing. The GOB Network is working to provide affordable housing to individuals and families that are a part of various charitable classes such as veterans, single parents, orphans, recovering addicts, those transitioning back into society from prison, homeless, and low-income. This housing opportunity provides the necessary stability and a healthy living environment to help these individuals improve their lives and to pursue their goals.

We began with the idea to bring financial literacy to underserved communities. The plan was to go beyond basic finance to teach how to create generational wealth and passive income. We use business ownership, real estate and the entrepreneurial spirit as our weapons on this battlefield. We are in a war to free you from the socio-economic chains of your origins, no matter to whom, what or where you were born.

The old way is that every new investor starts from scratch and builds networks, relationships, lists, partnerships, market knowledge, boots on the ground and so much more. We are breaking the mold and creating a new paradigm for how financial literacy is taught, how Commercial Real Estate is bought, sourced and disposed of. We are democratizing Real Estate by becoming a high-quality open source Commercial Real Estate platform that is user created, reviewed and curated. With the founding members building a foundation and each new member standing on their shoulders so never again will someone need to start from scratch but can step on the shoulders of those before them. Every new member will have a running start to take us to higher levels of achievement together. The GOB Network is a self-sustaining platform that makes every aspect of Real Estate accessible and available.

The GOB Network was created for the benefit of the investors who follow us. We put our members’ interests above our own because our success is measured through your success. We hope to eliminate all obstacles prohibiting you from creating generational wealth and passive income but one: YOU.